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Body massage is one of the most basic skills of spa technicians. Since ancient times, people have found a way to relieve stress, eliminate fatigue, and calm the mind with massage movements, press pressing, etc., which affect acupuncture points and muscles. To this day, body massage has become an indispensable service at spas, widely favored by both male and female guests. In the following article, Clover Spa Dalat will help you familiarize yourself with some of the popular types of massage in spas.


Body massage is a common service at spa facilities

After a long tiring day of work, customers have a need to go to the spa for body care and one of the services they come to is body massage. Each guest will have a different taste, so when you come to Clover Spa Dalat, you will be introduced by the consultants in depth so that you can choose the best massage for you, the consultant will also have enough knowledge. Knowledge and sophistication suggest you to choose which type of massage is most suitable. Because each method of massage will bring different uses, as well as certain limitations for each person.

What is body massage?

Body massage is a method of physical impact by using hands and feet, vibrating muscles and bones, impacting on human acupoints to bring about many benefits for mental and physical health.

Body massage is a massage method to relax the body. It can focus on various body areas such as back, shoulders, neck, legs, arms and face. Body massage helps relieve pain and stress, enhances blood circulation and relieves pressure on the vertebrae. It can also help deepen your sleep and improve your mood. Whether you are looking to relax after a hard working day or you are looking to enhance your health, body massage is a great solution for you.


Dalat body massage

8 benefits of body massage

Body massage is a very effective way to take care of health, relax and reduce stress. Let's learn 8 benefits of body massage to better understand:

Reducing stress and anxiety

Body massage is considered a great health care method to relieve stress and anxiety. When relaxed, the body will produce more cortisol - a hormone that helps to reduce stress and tension.

Reducing pain and reduce inflammation

Body massage is known as a natural pain reliever for various aches and pains such as back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. It also helps reduce inflammation in conditions like arthritis.

Improving sleep

Body massage can help relax the body, reduce stress and anxiety, so it can help improve sleep.


body massage helps sleep

Enhancing blood circulation

When getting a body massage, the body will be stimulated, blood circulation is better, so it enhances the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells and tissues of the body.

Strengthening resistance

Body massage helps increase the effectiveness of the immune system by increasing blood circulation, reducing pain and stress.

Enhancing overall health

Body massage has many benefits for overall health, from reducing stress, reducing pain, improving sleep, enhancing concentration to increasing resistance and recovery from injury.

Enhancing your ability to concentrate

When undergoing body massage therapy, the body is relaxed, stress is reduced, the mind is more focused, and the ability to work and study is improved.


Body massage helps relieve stress

Reducing stress and pain caused by injury

Body massage also helps reduce stress and pain caused by injury. It helps the body give a quick healing response and reduces the recovery time.

Some popular types of massage at spas

Shiatsu Massage

The father of Shiatsu massage is Tokujiro Namikoshi from Japan. At the age of 7, he accidentally invented this method while helping his mother relieve pain from rheumatoid arthritis and named it “Shiatsu”.

This method was born on the basis of traditional Japanese medicine combined with Western medical principles, using fingers, palms combined with acupressure, stretching to arouse energy in the body.


massage shiatsu Đà Lạt


  • Dispelling stress and fatigue
  • Supporting in the treatment of bone and joint diseases
  • Helping blood circulation, boosts metabolism
  • Helping to sleep better and sleep better


  • Limiting the target audience due to the use of strong force when performing
  • Technicians must be highly qualified and well-trained to correctly perform the method.

Herbal Massage

Massage with herbs was born thousands of years ago. This is a type of gentle massage, creating a pleasant feeling from heat, scent and impact.

This method uses herbal bags that are heated before implementation (dip in water 30 minutes, then put in the steamer) combined with body massage movements. You can use other ingredients such as grated coconut, roasted salt, etc.


Dalat herbal massage


  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Increase oxygen in the blood, blood circulation
  • Purifies the body, detoxifies, helps smooth skin, supports burning fat ...


  • Technician must check the temperature carefully before placing the bag on the client's skin
  • Materials cannot be reused after the procedure, resulting in more costs
  • If your skin is sensitive, you may experience irritation

Swedish Massage

Initiated by Swedish physicist Pehr Henrik Ling from the 19th century, Swedish massage is the foundation for the development of other massages such as aroma massage, four-hand massage, etc.

This type of massage is extremely popular in Europe with the mechanism of acting on muscle tissue by long strokes, twisting, kneading, gentle massage. Swedish massage is considered suitable for all types of customers, especially those who are new to massage for the first time and are not used to using strong force.


swedish massage Dalat


  • Bringing quick relaxation, soothes muscle tension, stimulates tendons and muscles to work well
  • Bringing relaxation, effective stress relief…
  • Technicians do not need to use too much force, saving energy…


  • Not suitable for guests who like to use a lot of force and like to press acupressure points.

Thai Massage

Thai massage inherits the quintessence from Indian yoga, it can combine herbs, natural minerals with healing abilities. This type takes advantage of the action of fingers, hands, elbows, and feet to affect the body and acupuncture points, and gently massage with essential oils, herbs...


Thai massage clover spa Da Lat


  • Helping to relax the mind, eliminate fatigue
  • Improving immune system function, promotes blood circulation
  • Supporting recovery after stroke, reduce pain in body areas


  • Likely to cause fractures and dislocations if performed incorrectly
  • Technicians are required to be properly trained.

Bamboo Massage

The founder of this type is Nathalie Cecilia - a pioneer of the massage industry in the land of the golden temple. This type was invented when she once held a warm bamboo stick and felt her hands were much more comfortable.

Bamboo massage is a smooth combination of 9-12 bamboo sticks (hollow or solid) with different sizes on each body position, can also be combined with Thai massage or Shiatsu massage. The bamboo stick is placed in an autoclave with a lamp or a heat-retaining mattress, then massage oil is applied to the guest and then the bamboo stick is rolled up.

This type of massage has a deeper impact on acupressure points, suitable for those who want to treat, like to use tools and prefer strong intensity when massaging.


massage bamboo clover spa Dalat


  • Quickly relaxing the body, regenerate energy sources
  • Reducing stress, mental fatigue
  • Increasing circulation and excretion


  • The quality of the bamboo tube must be guaranteed so as not to hurt the customer's skin
  • Noting when storing bamboo so that it does not get moldy
  • Technicians are required to be highly skilled to avoid hitting the customer's bones.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage was born 2000 years ago in India and China, mainly for the wealthy aristocrats. This type uses smooth basalt volcanic rocks combined with massage oils, helping to deeply relax and soothe muscles.


hot stone massage clover spa Dalat


  • Relieving body pain, dispel stress
  • Eliminating bad energy from the body


  • Easy to cause skin burns for guests if not careful
  • Need to choose the right quality stone so as not to hurt the customer's skin
  • The client's body is easily dehydrated (should invite guests to drink water before the course of treatment)


Body massage is a great solution for your health, especially if you can use that therapy at Clover spa Da Lat, it will surely bring you countless improvements, good for your health as well as for your spirit very much.

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