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Foot Massage - Clover Spa Dalat

Foot massage not only brings many benefits to our health in the long time, but also helps us to reduce stress, relieve fatigue immediately and help us regain balance in life.

What is foot massage? Why should people use foot massage?

Foot massage is a manual technique that uses hands to gently massage the soft tissues of the feet to help manage and solve severe pain, stress, fatigue, and physical and mental health care.

The human foot is the place where a lot of muscles, acupuncture points, countless nerves, they will be closely related to internal organs and blood vessels, acupressure points. The soles of the feet are considered as the second heart of a person.


Foot massage helps relieve stress

Foot massage helps relieve stress, fatigue, and takes care of physical and mental health.

Therefore, foot massage is very important, not only to improve health such as pain relief, antispasmodic but also to help you relax after tiring working days. For the elderly, when massaging the feet, it will help the bones and joints to be soft, supple, and increase endurance.

At the same time, the foot massage also helps the circulation and blood circulation to the heart take place easier, combined with pressing the acupressure points in the feet will help the massage achieve optimal efficiency.

Is foot massage good?

Foot massage is very good because it brings many health benefits. Let's take a look at the benefits of foot massage.

Helping restore health and develop muscle flexibility

Foot massage has a huge effect on our health. When your body feels aches and pains, gently massage your feet, just a few minutes later you will feel your body healthier and help develop flexible muscles.

In addition, massage is used as a strengthening exercise for the feet and ankles. Regular foot massage 3-5 times a week will ensure to minimize the risk of injury for you in the future.


Foot massage helps restore health

Effective pain relief

Fatigue is caused by too much activity and is common in people aged 30 and over. Foot massage is a good solution to help you dispel the pain immediately.

Foot massage contributes to the prevention of bone and joint diseases, improves plantar fasciitis, helps prevent foot and ankle injuries, cures cramps, improves plantar fasciitis,...

Prevent foot diseases

Tendonitis usually doesn't affect people, but in the long term, they are more likely to experience foot pain after physical activity and more prone to inflammation or deterioration of the connective tissue that supports the architecture of the foot.

Regular foot exercise combined with foot massage will contribute to reducing pain and limiting cerebrovascular accident. The massage effects on acupuncture points cause blood vessels under the skin to dilate, from which blood can flow easily to the brain.


Foot massage helps blood circulation

Promoting circulation and blood circulation

Regular foot massage will help us in promoting circulation, blood circulation, so health is also enhanced, skin becomes ruddy and younger.

People with high blood pressure caused by stress, environment and genetics, just 10 minutes of foot massage once and three times a week will help improve mood, reduce anxiety and effectively lower blood pressure.

Reducing stress

The first effect that you feel when you get foot massage is to reduce stress and fatigue. After a long day of activities, your feet will be sore, you just need to massage, acupressure on the soles of your feet will help you relieve fatigue.

For doctors, foot massage is also an effective mental therapy for patients with depression, anxiety, and foot massage techniques have been widely applied in the medical field.


Foot massage helps relieve stress

Helping sleep well and supporting good digestion

Foot massage is an effective insomnia therapy that helps bring you a deep, long and startling sleep at night, provides you with a new day full of energy, stimulates the sleep reflex area, from That helps the brain become more comfortable and relaxed.

Besides, a gentle foot massage before going to bed can improve intestinal health as well as flatulence and indigestion problems quickly.

How to properly and effectively massage your feet at Clover Spa Dalat

In order to bring the effect to the spirit and health of foot massage, Clover Spa Massage Da Lat will help you with the right massage steps as follows:

Step 1: Soak your feet in warm water (about 38 degrees Celsius) with Red Dao leaves for about 10 to 15 minutes to clean and warm your feet. Then, use a towel to dry your feet and then rub your hands with essential oils or massage cream until warm.

Step 2: The technician gently massages the top of the toe, then slides the back of the foot and goes up to the ankle, holds the foot straight, pulls up and down, done 3-5 times .

Step 3: Put one hand under the heel, the other hand hug the foot and then rotate it and use the thumb to gently squeeze from the heels to the toes and the fingers to slide between the slots of the toes, from front to back.


Clover Spa Da Lat foot massage

Step 4: On the soles of the feet, the technician will use the thumbs to move in a continuous circle in the up and down direction, at the same time to the sides. Finally, the technician holds the foot with his hand, gently stroking from the ankle to the tips of the toes from above and below again.

Step 5: Finishing the foot massage, Clover Spa Massage Da Lat invites you to have a light meal according to the daily menu at the spa.


Through the article on Clover Spa Massage Dalat, you can see how important the feet are, through which you need to take care of your feet more, with a regular foot massage will definitely improve your health to help you enhance the value of your life's health.

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