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In daily life, almost people are busy and have to race against time which makes them really tired and suffer from neck, shoulders, back sore..., then body is exhausted. In addition, they also feel headaches, for people with chronic headaches, taking medicine is not really the best treatment because health can be affected quite a lot, and it is easy to get addicted to drugs. Clover Spa shows you a method that can cure headaches, neck and shoulder pain and especially spine pain.

According to folk medicine, neck and shoulder massage method, which is a long-standing healing therapy, accompanies with the development of traditional medicine neck and shoulder massage method is highly effective for treating many diseases such as headache, musculoskeletal pain...the influence of the technician's hands will help your body feel comfortable, relieve pain quickly.

What is Neck Shoulder Massage?

Neck and shoulder massage is a medical therapy, using the hands to influence the positions on the identified acupoints on the body.

When acupuncture points are stimulated, they will act and activate the body's ability to recover and heal through the meridian system.

According to research by the World Health Organization, the human body has 108 acupuncture points, 72 basic acupuncture points and 36 important points, connecting with 12 meridians and 8 meridians. Meridians and viscera are related, so neck and shoulder massage is a simple, painless, easy and safe method to help the body not depend on drugs, so neck and shoulder massage has gradually become a very popular treatment trend for many people to choose.

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Who is neck shoulder massage for?

  • Almost people who has symptoms of neck and shoulder pain, both men and women
  • People are caught by cold air causing aches and pains
  • Elderly people often suffer from joint pain due to poor blood circulation
  • People who are sedentary and often have to sit a lot, leading to shoulder pain
  • Thoes who carry too heavy
  • Patients with musculoskeletal diseases that lead to neck pain

However, it is not recommended to use neck shoulder massage therapy for people with broken bones or severe spinal injuries that can lead to paralysis.

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Benefits of neck and shoulder massage at Clover spa in Da Lat

  • Neck and shoulder massage in Da Lat helps treat neck pain and fatigue. Neck and shoulder massage helps to increase blood circulation and limit poor blood circulation.
  • Neck and shoulder massage in Da Lat helps muscles and joints relax, limiting muscle tension. Neck shoulder massage relieves stress and fatigue instantly
  • Neck and shoulder massage in Da Lat helps improve blood circulation and nervous system function, making patients sleep better and deeper.
  • Neck and shoulder massage helps patients and people with cervical spondylosis recover quickly
  • Neck shoulder massage in Da Lat to help prevent cervical spondylosis

Clover spa massage in Da Lat is always the top 1 best spa for everyone, located right at 27/5 Hai Ba Trung street, Da Lat, Lam a which is highly appreciated by domestic and foreign guests, thanks to its friendly and attentive service, great quality and affordable prices.

Clover spa find a peaceful place, where you dispel all your worries and fatigue.

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How to perform neck shoulder massage method

Step 1: Massage both sides of the neck

The technician will put both hands on the shoulders and use two thumbs to gently rub the two lines on either side of the cervical spine, focusing on the muscle tension area, without using too much force.

Step 2: Warm up the nape and shoulder muscles

When heating the shoulder and back muscles, it helps the person receiving the neck shoulder massage get used to the feeling of being affected and gradually relaxes, thereby making the massage easier and also promoting blood circulation.

The technician pinched the tips of the index, middle, and little fingers together and placed them in the middle of the neck and gently pressed, moving clockwise, then stroking from the neck to the shoulders with gentle force.

Step 3: Massage tight muscles

The technician places two thumbs on the shoulder area, the remaining fingers cling to the front of the shoulder for support. They move their thumbs in circles over your shoulder muscles so that they are stretched, relaxed, and released.

Step 4: Massage the neck area

The technician will use two thumbs to press on the neck with moderate force, then gently move in the direction of the neck, then change to the horizontal, helping to warm up the muscles and relax the neck area.

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tight muscle massage

Step 5: Massage the outer surface of the shoulder blades

The next step in the neck and shoulder massage is reducing the pressure of the shoulder blades and upper back. The technician will press the fingertips into the muscle area of the shoulder blades and move in a circular motion.

Step 6: Massage the muscle area between the shoulder blades

This is a massage movement that helps reduce pressure on the entire shoulder area and spine. The technician will use the breast of the hand, place the left hand on the patient's front shoulder blade, and then use the breast of the hand to move from one shoulder blade to the other with a moderate force.

Step 7: Arm massage

While massaging the neck, shoulders and back, we should also massage the arms, which will help enhance pain relief and blood circulation better. The technician maintains the same pressure and moves from the shoulder to the end of the arm, then moves in succession to bring good effect.


Neck and shoulder massage is an extremely effective and safe therapy for users, bringing many useful uses to help us keep healthy and create a happy life. If you have a business trip or travel to Nha Trang but have neck and shoulder pain, don't hesitate to visit Clover spa to use neck and shoulder massage therapy in Nha Trang!

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