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Traditional Vietnamese massage develops class and sophistication from Clover Spa Da Lat

Traditional Vietnamese massage with movements of tight rolling, punching, massage, acupressure not only helps to treat bone and joint diseases but also helps to refresh, relax and clear the mind. Every time you get a massage, you have more energy to overcome new challenges in life.

What is Vietnamese traditional massage?

Many people know about Vietnamese traditional massage through pinching, pressing, pressing, and massaging movements, but these are just an ordinary massage through hidden lessons. In fact, traditional Vietnamese massage is understood as a combination of specialized treatment methods that have been studied by many generations of famous and prestigious doctors, drawn from many experience of generations and descendants’ inheritance.

Traditional Vietnamese massage is not simply lapping, massaging, or searching for acupuncture points on the body to clear or help the blood to work better, but this method is also structural expansion of instinctive contact movements, the combination of single movements with coordinated movements. This treatment method will make the muscles that are tight due to daily labor relaxed and become softer. At the same time, it acts on acupuncture points to help stimulate blood circulation, improve blood, bring nutrients and oxygen to cells and bring unnecessary products out of the body.

Traditional Vietnamese massage is significantly good support for the treatment of diseases of muscles, joints, sciatica... Especially, Massage also treats emotional and psychological disorders, giving people a comfortable, stable spirit and a healthy body, reducing stress and fatigue caused by life pressures.

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What's new in Vietnamese traditional massage in modern times?

Traditional Vietnamese massage is considered a great relaxation method and an effective health care method. Compared to the past, traditional Vietnamese massage in modern times is similar to the way treatment or movements performed, but it is different in the experience environment.

Traditional Vietnamese massage was simply a person lying on a flat surface such as a bed, couch, etc for a professional to perform massage in the past. On the contrary, traditional Vietnamese massage in modern times is more professional and advanced in the way they focus on building an airy, quiet massage space with modern equipment and other services associated with the massage. This difference is objective development and inheritance. When society goes up, people's lives are more modern, all facilities or human needs are also higher and towards the so-called "delicious food, beautiful clothes". Therefore, the current Vietnamese massage centers are built in a separate modern style with their own style.

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Clover Spa – The class of Vietnamese traditional massage

You can experience the excitement of traditional Vietnamese massage in a new way at Clover spa. Because the cold weather in Dalat causes dry skin, Clover spa changed from massage oil to lotion to bring softness to the skin during the treatment. With 7 years of experience, Clover has made Vietnamese massage more popular in the eyes of people nationwide and international friends. With our efforts from rich experience and economic potential, Clover has risen to assert ourselves and bring traditional Vietnamese massage to a new level in a luxurious and classy space of 5-star service to attract domestic and international tourists.

Traditional Vietnamese massage at Clover with professional health care services is performed by highly qualified technicians. Clover spa will bring customers the best emotional and spiritual experience.

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Customers will be consulted to choose from many different treatments at Clover spa such as:

  • Bamboo massage therapy
  • Hot stone massage therapy
  • Thai massage therapy
  • Herbal massage therapy
  • Acupressure massage therapy
  • Foot massage therapy
  • Facial treatment
  • Body scrub treatment

CLOVER spa is really an ideal destination to relax with friends and family or a place to welcome working partners, foreign delegations after stressful working days to strengthen the close cooperation relationship.

To understand more about Vietnamese traditional massage and services available at Clover spa, please contact us immediately and we will give you the best advice.

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