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Clover Spa Dalat is a special place for you to fully enjoy a unique experience with the "Snail Massage" service. We are proud to be the only Spa Massage address that offers a special combination of snails and herbs in integrated therapies.

The Snail Massage experience is only available at Clover Spa Dalat

The Snail Massage experience is only available at Clover Spa Dalat

What is Oc?Massage in healthcare?

"Snail Massage" at Clover Spa Dalat is truly a unique synthetic experience, combining the essence of two important elements: snails and herbs. We put careful selection into choosing the snails that have the best effects on your health and relaxation. When combined with natural herbs, they form a unique massage therapy and bring great results. We believe that the combination of natural ingredients and professional massage techniques will bring you an extremely unique and enjoyable experience.

Benefits when you use the Snail Massage service at Clover Spa Dalat

Reduce symptoms of body pain and fatigue

Slow, deep massage movements combined with light pressure from the snails help reduce pain and tension in the body. By stimulating and massaging, this therapy improves blood circulation and reduces pain, giving you a feeling of relaxation and relaxation after each massage session.

Improve body temperature

The combination of snails and herbs in massage therapy also creates an amazing body warming effect. Pressure and heat from the snails penetrate deeply into muscles and tissues, promoting blood circulation and energy. This helps reduce tension, widen blood vessels and create a feeling of warmth and comfort during the massage.

Reduce stress in life

Snail Massage also has a positive effect on the mind. When you lie down on the massage bed and experience gentle movements, you will feel relaxed and refreshed. The feeling of snails moving on your skin along with the relaxing herbal scent will help you release tension, eliminate stress and find mental balance.

Processes to start experiencing the Snail Massage service at Clover Spa Dalat

Snail Massage at Clover Spa Dalat brings many health benefits

Snail Massage at Clover Spa Dalat brings many health benefits

Step 1: Welcoming guests and greeting
Reception staff will welcome guests in a warm and friendly manner. Guests will be invited to sit and enjoy welcome tea and cake.

Step 2: Health consultation and assessment
Staff will advise on Snail Massage service and introduce available service packages. Customers will be asked to tick off a piece of paper to identify their individual requirements and wishes. Information about health conditions, diseases or other special requests will also be provided by customers.

Step 3: Prepare for customers
Customers will be led into the changing room and instructed on how to safely store personal items. Staff will provide customers with the necessary tools and clothing to change before continuing to experience the service.

Step 4: Steam bath (optional)
If customers request, they will be led into the sauna area to relax their bodies and clean their skin.

Step 5: Soak your feet in Red Dao leaves
Customers will be led into the foot bath area, where there is a foot bath with water and Red Dao leaves. This foot bath process helps customers relax and soothe tired feet.

Step 6: Snail Massage 90 minutes
After preparation is complete, customers will be led into the Massage Room. Professionally skilled staff will perform a massage session using massage snails to stretch and stimulate acupuncture points on the customer's body. This stretching massage process helps reduce stress, fatigue and improve blood circulation.

Step 7: Customers change clothes (whiten if requested)
After completing the massage session, the customer will be led to the changing room to change back. If customers request, they can also be provided with a whitening bath service to clean and whiten their skin.

End: Invite guests to have a snack according to Clover Spa Dalat's daily menu
After customers complete the experience, they will be invited to gently enjoy the daily menu at Clover Spa.

Experience the Snail Massage service at Clover Spa Dalat

When you enter Clover Spa Dalat, a team of professional and experienced staff will welcome you. They will be dedicated to serving you, ensuring that you will have an outstanding and memorable Snail Massage experience.

Imagine yourself resting on a soft massage bed, in a quiet and relaxing space. Gentle and skillful massage movements from professional staff will help relieve stress and fatigue. The unique combination of snails and herbs will bring a feeling of warmth and relaxation, soothing the body and spirit.

Snail Massage service at Clover Spa Dalat is a unique and valuable experience to maintain health and relax. We are committed to bringing you a wonderful stop where you can find balance and happiness.

Come to Clover Spa Dalat right today

Come to Clover Spa Dalat right today and experience the uniqueness of Snail Massage service. Our team of experts will ensure that you have a wonderfully relaxing experience and leave the Spa with a relaxed body and a refreshed mood.

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