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Welcome to Clover Spa, where we provide professional care and relaxation services for the whole family. In this article, we would like to introduce a special service called 'Kid Massage' exclusively designed for children at our spa. With Kid Massage, we ensure that your child's sensitive skin will be relaxed comfortably and safely, thanks to the dedication of our professional therapy team at Clover Spa.

Trải nghiệm Kid Massage tại Clover Spa: Dịch vụ chăm sóc và thư giãn đặc biệt cho các bé yêu!

Experience Kid Massage at Clover Spa: Special care and relaxation service for your beloved children!

Discover Kid Massage

Kid Massage is a special massage method designed specifically for children aged 3 and above. Combining gentle massage techniques with the use of sensitive skin care products, Kid Massage provides relaxation and comfort for the child's sensitive skin. We create a safe, gentle, and friendly environment to ensure that children have an enjoyable and comfortable massage experience.

Benefits of using Kid Massage

Helps children relax and feel refreshed​​​​​​​

Kid Massage helps children reduce stress and experience a sense of tranquility. Gentle and soothing movements from the therapists help children feel calm and relaxed.

Supports immune system enhancement

Through the use of sensitive skin care products and gentle massage techniques, Kid Massage helps balance moisture, stimulate blood circulation, and enhance the child's immune system. This helps reduce the risk of skin issues such as irritation, inflammation, and itching.

Stimulates the child's motor skills​​​​​​​

Kid Massage not only soothes the child's sensitive skin but also stimulates motor development and cognitive abilities by promoting blood circulation and supporting the development of the central nervous system.

Creates a sense of love for the child​​​​​​​

Kid Massage creates a nurturing and intimate environment between the child and the caregiver. Through this therapy, children feel love and care from adults, contributing to the development of a close parent-child relationship and enhancing trust in the child.

Learn about the Kid Massage consultation process at Clover Spa

Tạo niềm vui và thư giãn cho bé yêu với Kid Massage tại Clover Spa

Create Joy and Relaxation for Your Beloved Child with Kid Massage at Clover Spa

Step 1: Welcome and Consultation
When customers arrive at the spa, the receptionist will welcome them and provide consultation regarding the Kid Massage service. They will explain in detail the features and benefits of this therapy while listening and understanding the specific needs of the customers.

Step 2: Health Care
The receptionist will request customers to fill out a health care form. This is crucial to ensure safety and customize the appropriate treatment according to the customer's health condition.

Step 3: Room Preparation and Changing
After completing the procedures, customers will be guided to the changing room. Here, they can change clothes and securely store their personal belongings.

Step 4: Steam Bath (optional)
If customers desire, they can experience the steam bath service before starting the Kid Massage treatment. Steam bath helps to soften and cleanse the skin, creating an optimal condition for the massage process.

Step 5: Red Dao Foot Soak
Before beginning the Kid Massage, customers will undergo a Red Dao foot soak session. This is a traditional therapy that helps to relax the body and provide a comfortable sensation.

Step 6: Kid Massage
Once ready, customers will be led to the massage room to experience the Kid Massage for either 60 or 90 minutes. Professional therapists at Clover Spa will apply gentle massage techniques and use sensitive skin care products to provide the best relaxation and care for the child's skin.

Step 7: Changing and Whitening Bath (optional)
After completing the Kid Massage, customers will be invited to change clothes and have a whitening bath if desired. This helps customers feel refreshed and comfortable after the massage session.

Conclusion: Gentle and Light Refreshment
Finally, customers will be invited to enjoy a light refreshment from Clover Spa's daily menu. This is an opportunity for customers to relax and enjoy the tranquil spa environment before departure.

Experience an Amazing Kid Massage at Clover Spa​​​​​​​

Visit Clover Spa now and experience the Kid Massage today to provide your beloved child with a memorable relaxation stop. With a cozy space, professional team, and safe treatments, we are committed to delivering an excellent care experience for your child.

At Clover Spa, we create a friendly and trustworthy environment for your beloved child to relax and enjoy memorable moments. Our professional staff will apply special massage techniques for children with care and gentleness, using sensitive skin care products to ensure safety and maximum comfort for your child.

Hãy đến và tham gia Kid Massage tại Clover Spa

Come and join Kid Massage at Clover Spa today so your beloved child can experience a unique and well-cared-for relaxation treatment! We will ensure that your child has a joyful and memorable experience, so they can feel the special love and care from us.

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