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Da Lat Prestigious Quality Massage - Clover Spa Dalat

Clover Spa Dalat has long been a prestigious massage place in Da Lat that a lot of tourists choose. Professional massage service at clover Spa will help you have a great travel experience.

massage đà lạt

You are looking for a reputable and quality Dalat massage place

Clover spa Dalat is a prestigious and quality Spa Massage address. We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of massage therapy. We are always proud because the massage service in Da Lat is highly appreciated by customers on google map 4.9 stars, on tripadvisor, book, .. If you are looking for a reputable massage spa in Da Lat, please pick up the phone and contact us immediately.

Clover spa đà lạt

Clover Spa - Best Spa Massage in Da Lat

Address: 27/5 Hai Ba Trung Street, Da Lat, Lam Dong

Hotline: 093 545 00 89

Website: cloverspadalat.com

Email: cloverspadalat@gmail.com

Here is the massage service at Clover Spa Dalat that you should experience.

1. Thai Massage in Da Lat

Among the types of spas, Thai massage is the most popular. Inherently, life and work pressure easily make us get stressed, which gradually leads to diseases such as back pain, headache, sciatica... At Clover Spa Da Lat, we have Thai massage therapy including yoga exercises, therapeutic drugs and acupressure according to traditional medicine bringing the most optimal effect.

Massage Thái Đà Lạt

Thai massage at Clover spa Dalat

Thanks to reflexology movements, Thai massage brings great benefits:

– Keep the body healthy: Thai massage is a treatment method based on the impact on 10 energy circuits, also known as lotus vessels. All of these circuits run throughout the body, so when it worksl bringing a feeling of relaxation and health to everyone.

– Reduce stress, relax the body: In the traditional body massage method, it mostly affects muscles and joints, while in Thai massage, it relies on direct effects on the body acupuncture points such as pressing, pressing, stretching movements. , folding ... Therefore, blood circulation will be enhanced, lymphatic circulation is also effective.

- Balance the body, prevent diseases effectively: Thai massage with professional effects on acupuncture points, which can break or prevent blockage of meridians, promote circulation acupuncture points.

2. Pregnancy massage in Da Lat

Clover Spa confidently takes the lead in pregnancy massage techniques in Da Lat with a team of highly trained and skilled staff.

Massage Bầu tại Đà Lạt

Pregnancy massage at Clover spa Dalat

Pregnancy is a time of great change for a woman. When the body takes on a new germ, all the internal organs in the body are affected and must adapt to this critical period.

Massage can make you feel extremely relaxed and also relieve pregnancy pains especially back and calf muscles.

In addition, pregnancy massage also helps blood circulation, enhances oxygen supply to the fetus, helps the fetus gain weight stably and improves the baby's sleep. Moreover, massage method also limits the condition of skin cracks before and after giving birth effectively. However, to achieve these great uses requires proper prenatal care massage.

Quickly contact Clover - Spa Da Lat to have the best experience with the best quality massage service here!

3. Unique bamboo tube massage in Da Lat

Bamboo tube massage is a form of massage, kneading muscles in depth to help relieve stress and prevent muscle dysfunction. Bamboo tube massage relieves sore muscles, increases circulation and supports a feeling of deep relaxation. Bamboo tube massage techniques combined with oils or lotions impacting on the body can reduce strokes, increase blood circulation and promote maximum relaxation.

Massage tre Đà Lạt

Bamboo tube massage in Da Lat

In addition, the bamboo tube massage technique uses a warm body to activate silicon crystals to act on the muscles. After heating, these crystals create an area that interacts with the body's electric field to create a feeling of comfort and best detox from the body.

Let’s come to Clover Spa Da Lat at 27/5 Hai Ba Trung Street, Da Lat, Lam Dong to enjoy this unique Bamboo Tube Massage service.

4. Traditional massage in Dalat

Traditional and typical massage method of Vietnamese people is a unique combination of oil-free massage and oil-based massage, between rolling, muscle twisting, acupressure, helping to relieve muscle tension, stimulate circulation blood. It is a great way to relieve stress that boosts health and vitality.

Massage truyền thống Đà Lạt

Traditional massage in Dalat

Benefits of traditional Vietnamese massage:

>> Relieve stress and affect the nervous system under the skin.

>> Massaging will increase blood circulation, thus improving the nutritional status of bones and joints.

>> Quick removal of lactic acid can provide rapid muscle pain relief.

Book an appointment for Dalat massage at Clover Spa here.

5. Reflexology massage in Da Lat

Many visitors to Da Lat having a massage at Clover Spa choose Reflexology Massage. Acupressure massage is one of the therapies to treat bone and joint diseases and relax the body.

Massage bấm huyệt trị liệu Đà Lạt

Reflexology massage in Da Lat

As a type of therapeutic massage, reflexology massage uses firm and slow therapeutic force to penetrate deep into muscle layers as well as muscle semi-tendon points. This method is often used for chronic pain problems and areas of muscle stiffness such as neck, back, waist, leg muscle strain or shoulder pain.

6. Hot stone massage in Da Lat

The stones are made up of volcanic lava that accumulates many minerals, applied to the body during massage. Hot stone massage combined with Swedish massage therapy and essential oils helps to relieve musculoskeletal aches and pains, transmit energy, and restore the body.

massage đá nóng đà lạt

Hot stone massage in Da Lat

Hot stone massage combined with herbs helps to relax your body and dispell daily stress. Therapeutic massage combines many healing herbs and hot stones to melt away aches and pains, relieve stress.

Hot stone massage is chosen as a way to relax after a stressful working day instead of the traditional massage trend.

7. Foot massage in Da Lat

The feet are home of many nerves and blood vessels connecting organs throughout the body. So when a certain part is sore or too tired, it will show on the soles of the feet.

Based on the relationship between the feet and the organs of the body, foot massage is a therapeutic method that uses hands to massage, and press on acupoints in the legs to solve pain, relieve stress and restore the body. Regular foot massage will bring long-term benefits to the body.

Massage chân đà lạt

Foot massage in Da Lat

Foot massage not only helps you relax and restore your health after a long day of visiting Da Lat, but also brings many extremely effective benefits. A happy life requires good health, don't hesitate, come to Clover Spa to take care of your health right now to enjoy wonderful moments with the people you love.

8. Facial massage service in Da Lat

At Clover Spa, we have many different facial massage packages for you to choose.

Massage mặt tại Đà Lạt

Facial massage service in Da Lat


The combination of pure deep cleansing techniques and 100% natural nutrients work together to leave your skin looking radiant and soft.


Treatment to lighten skin, remove melasma and brown spots on the skin.


Start with a deep clean, followed by a relaxing massage, and a facial mask treatment. Vitamin C helps control melanin, produce and encourage collagen synthesis. Your skin will become more radiant, healthy and the best solution to visibly reduce wrinkles.


Basic facial care

Customer care consultation process at Clover Spa Dalat

When coming to Massage at Clover Spa Dalat, we will advise and support customers to choose the right type of spa. Below is our consultation process.

Step 1: Consult and Enjoy tea

Step 2: Customers use Massage service

Closing step: Snack

Clover spa massage đà lạt

Dalat Clover Spa

Clover Spa Dalat is a prestigious and quality spa in Dalat that visitors to Da Lat should experience. Professional consultation process and technicians will make you satisfied with our massage service. Please contact us immediately by hotline: 093 545 00 89 to receive many of our offers.

Clover Spa Finds A Peaceful Place

Clover Spa Massage Đà Lạt

Address : 27/5 Hai Bà Trưng, War 6, Da Lat

Hotline : 0935450089

Gmail : cloverspadalat@gmail.com

Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/cloverspadalat

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